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Non-emergency Medical Transportation

Safe rides for non-emergency medical needs.


School Transportation Services

Reliable student transport to and from school.

Introducing Amani Transportation LLC

We understand the challenges of navigating life’s journeys, especially for those with mobility needs.

As your trusted partner, we specialize in non-emergency transportation and school transportation services, ensuring that essential appointments, therapies, and important destinations are just a smooth ride away. Join us on the road to reliable, 24/7 service, where your satisfaction is our compass, and every destination is a step closer to your peace of mind.

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

At AMANI TRANSPORTATION LLC, our mission is to deliver outstanding customer service, fulfill transportation needs affordably, and prioritize the safety of passengers, employees, and communities. We foster collaboration within our workplace, business partnerships, and community to enhance quality of life, constantly seeking innovative ideas to add value for our customers.

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